Le First Blog Post

Welcome to my Little Maktab! My name is Yesenia and I’m so happy you found this blog. Maktab means office in Arabic. The purpose of this blog is to have a little maktab in the middle (or outskirts, or where ever) of cyber space. I will post random thoughts, favorite quotes, pieces of art that intrigue me and just other stuff I find interesting. Perhaps I may even start writing literature of my own!


Law School

This year has been quite productive and amazing. I was accepted into law school, which has been an answered prayer. My utmost dream (since being a little girl) is to become a successful immigration lawyer. I had originally intended to go to law school right after obtaining my bachelor degree. However, life is not easy and you don’t always get what you want. I’ve had to work since age 15 in order to help my mom. It’s been difficult but we have overcome so many obstacles! I love my mom!

Just because dreams are put on hold doesn’t mean you can’t realize them anymore. I got accepted into law school three years after gaining legal experience as a immigration paralegal, which has been a huge plus for me. Now I am more decided to become the immigration lawyer I am meant to be.

The past two weekends were dedicated to “Lawyering Fundamentals” at the law school. It’s a mandatory course taken in 4 days to give you a glimpse of what to expect in law school. It was extremely helpful! I am very excited but quite nervous, which is normal.

Let me tell you, law school is nothing like undergrad!! AND you need several different colored pens and highlighters!! I already bought mine. I know I will totally need them for the first day of class.


Happy Monday

Hello bloggers,

Happy Monday to all! Perhaps when you read this, it won’t be Monday. I just want to let you all know how happy I am today, on a Monday. I did a big girl purchase on Saturday. I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue! I drove it to work today and I felt so good. What a beautiful Monday!

Every Monday should be beautiful. I know several of us (yes, me included) dread Mondays and just want the week to pass by. We all want Friday 5 p.m., or simply, we just want it to be Saturday every day. We need to stop that and enjoy each day of our life. On an average life span of 75 years, we only have about 3,900 Saturdays. We have about 24,000 other days to make the most out of them! Let’s stop wishing for Friday or Saturday, that’s just taking away life out of our life. Let’s enjoy every day. Let’s love Mondays! ❤